if you’ll excuse me i just need to be emotional about harry potter for a second

because he’s not exceptionally powerful or anything you know? like he’s a super average student, smart enough to get by, but he doesn’t really blow anything out of the water (besides defense against the dark arts but really he’s been doing that shit since he was 11 so)

his greatest power is his ability to love, and that love is what enabled him to defeat the greatest wizard ever

voldemort was smart as shit okay like freaky smart and so so so so so powerful

but this kid, who spent the majority of his life in a dark cupboard, having hateful and belittling words flung at him from his own family for the first 10 years of life, no memory of anyone ever showing love or kindness to him

this boy had so much love in his heart that he was able to make a patronus at the age of 13, a spell that requires happiness and love to create it

this boy loved so much that he defeated the greatest dark wizard ever at the age of 17

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I

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Male Snowy Owl in Flight DSC_4952 (by Ron Kube Photography)

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Draco Malfoy Appreciation Week
Day 4: Colors {Light & Dark}
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Remembering July 7th, 2011 - During the speech of J.K. Rowling at the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II in London.

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harry potter and the goblet of fire

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Harry Potter waking up

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